Do We Have A Chance Of Saving Our Planet?

As we all know, the third rock from the Sun seems to be in grave danger of losing its inhabitants, and we have only ourselves to blame for this occurrence. What this means is that our negligence and our irrational activities have led us to the brink of extinction, and a lot of species have already disappeared from the face of the Earth. Global warming will affect us all, no matter if you are rich or poor, but policymakers are still sitting on their ears, and we are still damaging the ozone layer with our industries and all those dangerous exhaust fumes.

However, not all people are insensitive, and some of them are looking for ways to minimize the damage and to save our planet for future generations. Whether its too late or not – only time will tell, but it is better to at least, try something and fail than not to try at all. Permaculture is a philosophical approach which can provide us with the necessary knowledge on how to tackle the problem at hand, and that is why we should pay attention to teachings of this system.

The Basic Elements Of Permaculture

Vladislav Davidzon personifies modern permaculture, and his Regenerative Leadership Institute is the place to visit if you are interested in learning more about his unique and efficient school of thought. Of course, permaculture stands for permanent culture, and it is easy to conclude that this method promotes a sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle. For instance, one of the fundamental concepts of permaculture is to reconnect the humans with nature, and that is why organic products, food forests, vertical gardening, and many similar ideas are incorporated into the teachings at Davidzon’s Regenerative Leadership Institute.


How Permaculture Can Protect The Planet

Sustainable and natural ways of living are the key to preserving our environment, and that is why permaculture also focuses on those elements. In other words, the primary goal of this philosophical system is to provide people with a comprehensive set of guidelines on how to lead a healthy and self-sufficient life, without the need to consume fossil fuels and similar resources. As a matter of fact, the use of renewable sources of energy, such as the Sun, wind, or water, are at the foundation of permaculture strategies, and that is why permaculturalists are at the front line of the battle for our planet.

Is It Too Late?

Even though it is evident that our ecosystems have suffered a tremendous amount of damage, a carefully designed strategy can certainly fix some of our errors, and we can perhaps make our planet as green and vibrant as it once was. Biodynamic diversity and clean air are the primary requirements for success, and that is why we need to start from our homes and our surroundings, making them as healthy and Eco-friendly as possible.