Is Permaculture Going To Save Our Environment?

You don’t have to be a visionary like Vladislav Davidzon to see that our planet is suffering and that pollution is taking its toll on our health as well. However, not all of us are willing to take action as Davidzon did, and his Regenerative Leadership Institute is the perfect example of how things should be done if we want to save our environment. The preservation of our local ecosystems is a must, and the sooner we realize and accept this fact – the better for everyone.

The protection of our natural resources is something which we have to take very seriously if we want to achieve success, and our future generations will be thankful for our efforts. That is why permaculture is the best solution for our needs, and this philosophical system offers a comprehensive approach to the problems at hand. By applying some of the principles of permaculture in our daily lives, we will make a contribution to the overall efforts to preserve the planet.

What Exactly Is Permaculture

In case you are not familiar with the term, permaculture comes from “permanent agriculture” or “permanent culture,” and this discipline was officially established in the 1970s by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren. They were the original permaculturalists, but this movement nowadays has millions of followers and fans. As we already mentioned, Vladislav Davidzon is one of the leading experts on the matter in the modern era, and his Institute provides educational courses and seminars on the topic of permaculture and sustainable living. In essence, permaculture itself focuses on self-sufficient lifestyle, which means that humans need to live in synergy with the environment. The primary task of permaculture is to reconnect the people with nature, integrating land, resources, environment and the human element into a coherent and productive unit.

The Benefits Of Permaculture

livesUnlike some other similar movements, permaculture is a well-rounded and comprehensive school of thought, which means that this system can provide you with everything you need for leading a healthy and self-reliant life. In other words, permaculture combines theory and practice in a perfect way, offering its followers the chance to analyze the nature and mimic the patterns which have proven to be effective by millions and millions of years of evolution.

Theoretical elements of permaculture are perhaps less important than the holistic solutions which come with this discipline, and because it is a dynamic movement, permaculture incorporates agriculture, hydrology, forestry, and even economics. The essential advantages of permaculture are hidden in its practical nature, i.e. in the precise and verified guidelines which can help you turn your home into an Eco-friendly unit, or in the tips which will allow you to grow organic foods, and so on. Creativity and knowledge are the pillars of permaculture, but the core tenets of the movement are stating that this system promotes the care for the Earth, the care for the people, and the return of surplus. By applying these principles, we can reduce the use of Earth’s expendable resources, and this can eventually save our planet.